Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get help with my dog, cat, parrot, or horse?

A: Search our Consultant Locator. If you do not find a consultant near you, please write to us for further assistance.

Q: Where can I find information about getting an assistance dog for my child with autism?

A: 4 Paws for Ability is one good source.

Q: How do I join the IAABC?

A: You can find details about membership and how to join right here.

Q: How do I log into my user account?

A: Click on the button on the top right-hand corner of the website. Enter your email address and password as directed.

Q: I forgot my password!

A: Click on the button on the top right-hand corner of the website, then click the "Forgot?" link.

Q: How do I become a certified behavior consultant?

A: There is no set path to becoming a behavior consultant. Our consultants have varying backgrounds in animal care and behavior, from veterinary behaviorists to vet techs, trainers and academics. Our 6 core competencies as well as the case study rubric will show you what kind of knowledge is required for certification. You can see an example of a narrative case study here. We do not require a formal degree in order to be Certified or Associate Certified.

Q: Where can I find courses or programs to teach me what I need to know to become a certified behavior consultant?

A: Regardless of which species you're interested in working with specifically, if you feel you need further education there are many courses and programs to consider, including local university or distance learning and internships, mentorships and independent study through reading and seminar attendance. Please search your local community for educational opportunities.

Q: What should I start reading to become a behavior consultant?

A: There are many ways to learn about companion animal behavior, but a good way to start is by taking a look at our recommended reading list and digging in. "Don't Shoot the Dog" by Karen Pryor, "Culture Clash" by Jean Donaldson, "How Dogs Learn" by Burch & Bailey, and "Excelerated Learning" by Pam Reid are the core of much that will follow. Don't be concerned if these have the word "dog" in the title and you're interested in another species for your field of study - these books cover material crucial to all species!

Q: What's the certification process?

A: Applicants must complete our secure on-line application. Look here for the requirements.

Q: Is the IAABC a school?

A: No. The IAABC is a certifying professional organization. Certification is based on an applicant's current knowledge. We do not provide the coursework or educational requirements needed to become certified.

Q: Does the IAABC require continuing education?

A: Yes. The IAABC requires 36 CEUs every three years from its Certified and Associate Certified members.

Q: How do I find CEU-approved courses and seminars?

A: See our full list of approved events.


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