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The Cat Division of the IAABC offers opportunities to both seasoned and aspiring professional Cat Behavior Consultants. We encourage members to share with and learn from one another in IAABC's online educational venues, including discussion lists, guided studies, case study tutorials, mentoring, and networking. We work together to establish guidelines for dealing with cat behavior issues and toward the goal of enhancing the lives and relationships of cats and their people.

Anneleen Bru MSc, CCBC

Anneleen Bru MSc, CCBC on January 21, 2016

Anneleen Bru, MSc
Anneleen Bru, MSc

Anneleen Bru (°1985) is graduated from the University of Southampton (UK) with a MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling and founded the company Felinova Animal Behaviour Consulting in 2008. “Our mission is to bring an optimal harmony between cats and their owners, because we love happy cats and happy owners!”, says Anneleen, owner 5 beautiful sacred birmans herself, a breed that conquered her heart when she started breeding them at the age of 18.

About Felinova

We provide cat behaviour consultations all over the Flanders region in Belgium, regarding all unwanted behaviors such as house soiling, spraying, intercat aggression, aggression towards owners, fear and anxiety, socialization, pica and general unwanted natural behaviors.

Felinova also offers courses on many different subjects such as behaviour, behaviour problems, welfare, training, enrichment and health. Cat owners as well as cat professionals from all over Belgium come down to the Felinova Academy to educate themselves about cat behavior, in order to spread scientifically based information about cat behavior.

Next to cat behavior, Anneleen also specialized in zoo consulting and training, working with larger mammals such as giraffes, many different species of monkeys, hippo’s, big cats (lion, jaguar, Amur leopard).

Website: www.felinova.be

Phone: +32 (0)486 17 80 98

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Felinova

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Felinova


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