About Auditing for Mentorships

We've offered auditing for these first few mentoring courses to demonstrate what mentoring entails, just how personalized and student-specific it is, and how individually flowing each session will be. Mentoring really is all about the mentees, and whatever they're seeking for support and education on any given day, or for any given case or question. As auditors, you'll be able to watch and learn from what is being presented – truly auditing in the academic sense.

Depending on the time available to the auditor, your comments and questions – provided they have to do with the mentee's cases and topics – will be answered whenever possible on the group mail list. 

You will not, however, be able to introduce your own cases or specific issues you're seeking support with. That is the privilege of the mentees, and what the mentor will be devoting his or her time toward.

Similarly, auditors will not participate nor be allowed to join the weekly live meetings – again, leaving time for the mentor to focus on the full-paying mentees.

Any documents, video clips or material shared within the learning platform will be available to you for watching and download when applicable. 

Auditing is an opportunity to attend the course informally and to learn from watching others. We hope you enjoy and learn from the experience. 


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