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Georgina Lees-Smith, BSc Hons, Phys, Chem, Med, Biochem, ADBC, Post Grad BNA

Georgina Lees-Smith on July 09, 2015

Georgina Lees-Smith
Georgina Lees-Smith

Georgina Lees-Smith: BSc Hons, Phys, Chem, Med, Biochem, ADBC (IAABC), Post Grad BNA (British Neuroscience Association) SFN (Society For Neuroscience), FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Associations), IBRO (International Brain Research Organisation). Member of: The Genetics Society and the Society of Biology.

I have had and worked with animals for my entire life & have worked alongside, zoos, rescues, private clients, vets & other specialists (As part of my professional development I regularly shadow specialists that are relevant to the field of behaviour). I believe in a natural approach as much as possible with regards to treatment, therapy and prevention. Over the years, my specialism has developed into affective neuroscience and my approach has developed and is being fine tuned with the science of behaviour in mind.

I am developing a free choice learning protocol with a view to having a totally hands off approach to training, behaviour and animal well being. I only take on specialist cases, with a long term approach. Most of my clients I have been working with for a number of years. I am often called in to help other behaviourists. The ultimate aim is to complete my Phd in affective neuroscience, complete the book (on the neuroscience of behaviour), develop my knowledge of genetics, behaviour and establish working protocols to help other behaviour people further their practice. I have developed on-line courses for dog professionals, owners and enthusiasts (which will gain you CEUs). I aim to keep these products highly affordable and want to bring the best information to anyone who would like to find out more. My belief is that if people would like to solve a problem, they can do it with the guidance of this type of information, the aim being, to help people think and problem solve for themselves- with the ethos of free choice learning. I am a practising and subscribe to the precepts of Buddhism and meditate on a daily basis (I have also lived & worked with monks). I am putting on a series of seminars in the USA next year to introduce people to the whole story regarding neuroscience and behaviour and look forward to publishing my book. I am available for seminars and talks.



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