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As Horse Behavior Consultants, we strive to provide people and their horses professional assistance in assessing and solving behavioral challenges and building a strong and balanced human-horse bond. We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest scientific research and incorporating that knowledge into our consulting services.

Justine Harrison, Certified Horse Behavior Consultant

Justine Harrison on March 26, 2015

Justine Harrison
Justine Harrison

Justine Harrison is an IAABC Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant and trainer based in the North West of England. She is also a member of the IAABC application review committee. Justine provides horse behaviour consultations, trains horses and mentors students. She uses the science of behaviour and learning to help horse owners and trainers throughout the UK solve a wide range of behaviour problems including separation anxiety, aggression, phobias and stereotypies. Justine has been employed as an expert consultant in legal disputes and court cases involving equine behaviour. She is also co-founder of a network of local equestrian information websites.Justine is passionate about horses and has ridden for most of her life. She has competed successfully in a number of disciplines including show jumping and dressage. Justine has many years of professional experience riding, competing and handling horses. She has also managed a busy livery yard.

Justine writes for a variety of horse publications about equine behaviour, training and what’s new in equine science. She is the behaviour expert for Horse magazine in the UK and has also contributed to a number of other publications including Horse & Rider magazine (US), Bit magazine (Netherlands) and Horses & People magazine (Australia).For more information see Justine’s website www.equinebehaviourist.co.uk, Facebook page www.facebook.com/justine.harrison.equine.behaviourist and Twitter feed https://twitter.com/justineharrison.


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