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As Horse Behavior Consultants, we strive to provide people and their horses professional assistance in assessing and solving behavioral challenges and building a strong and balanced human-horse bond. We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest scientific research and incorporating that knowledge into our consulting services.

Sharon Madere, Certified Horse Behavior Consultant

Sharon Madere on January 18, 2016

Sharon Madere, CHBC
Sharon Madere, CHBC

Sharon Madere has spent over 20 years immersed in the science of animal behavior. She offers equine training and behavior modification, as well as private instruction and group educational events through her business, EquiLightenment. Based in Virginia and Florida, she serves clients throughout the mid-Atlantic, South East and occasionally the North East. Sharon also breeds Andalusian and Lusitano horses (Silver Moon Iberians), and is a serious student of artistic Classical riding.

Sharon is profoundly thankful for her good fortune to have been mentored by reknown Veterinary Behaviorist, Dr. R.K. Anderson. She is passionately devoted to on-going learning, conducting her own reading and research, and participating in continuing education courses each year. Her equestrian background includes eventing, dressage, competitive trail (obstacles), and pleasure trail riding with gaited horses. She continues her advanced riding education under the training of Sr. Bruno Gonzalez. Sharon enjoys instructing riders in the foundations of correct historic Classical principles, and finds great fulfillment in helping horses with severe behavior issues, including aggression, under saddle problems, and extreme fear reactions.

For more information visit www.EquiLightenment.com and www.SilverMoonIberians.com.


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