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The Parrot Division began as an independent organization whose members decided in 2004 to join the IAABC. Our goal is to raise the standards of professional parrot consultants by mutual cooperation among the membership, as well as to share both scientific knowledge and personal experience. The Parrot Division seeks to educate and mentor aspiring individuals who are less experienced in the field of parrot behavioral consulting, as well as continually expanding the knowledge of the more experienced members. By so doing, the Parrot Division strives to contribute to the contentment of hundreds of divergent species of parrots and their keepers.

Hildegard Niemann, Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant IAABC

Eric Goebelbecker on May 25, 2014

Hilla and Mina
Hilla and Mina

Animals have always been a part of my life. Especially parrots and other birds are a large part of my family and my profession. After my degree as M.Sc. Biology I continued learning more about the human – animal – bond. Since 1996 I have been publishing articles about parrots and parakeets, writing books about these wonderful birds and joined the editorial staff of the German WP-Magazin. In 2006 I joined the IAABC where I have the privilege to work with the most experiences behavior consultants. My work includes research about the human – animal – bond, especially the human – bird – interaction and phone and inhome consultations. During these consultations I try to sensitize the owner for the pet he keeps. It is my first and main goal to make sure that the dignity and the feelings of the owner are preserved and that the owner obtains the skills he needs to work with his pet and build a trustfully relationship with the animal. With a team of veterinarians and biologists we regularly offer workshops and seminars about parrot keeping. One of our special events is a monthly training session in a http://www.papageienpark-bochum.de”=”“>parrot park in Germany where parrot pet keepers meet with their birds to train and get in contact with each other. My work as a behavior consultant has shown me that human can have a wonderful relationship with animals and that both parts benefit from this friendship. Living a life as a pet owner is a unique and fulfilling experience. Please visit me on Facebook and online


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