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Jane Ehrlich

Writer - Cat Division

Jane EhrlichJane Ehrlich, a feline behaviorist with over 26 years' experience specifically working with cats, deals with clients worldwide on issues such as spraying, inappropriate soiling, aggression, introducing new pets--and babies--to resident cats, scratching, you name it.

Originally having studied with Dr. Michael Fox at university, she spent over 20 years as clinical assistant and behavior advisor at the RSPCA in North London, and has worked in shelters in Phoenix, where she was born, and now lives.

Ehrlich's own cats, Grace and Bouvier, compete for her attention when she is not attending to her business, Cattitude Feline Behavior.

For more information on her background and services, her website is

Lauren Fraser

Writer - Horse Division

Lauren FraserLauren Fraser is a Certified Horse Behavior Consultant, and works with horses full time, offering behavior consultations, horse training and horsemanship coaching. . She has worked with animals throughout her career – as a small and large animal veterinary assistant, as shelter manager and executive director of a non-profit animal shelter, as an animal control officer, boarding facility owner, and certified riding instructor.

Lauren is currently completing both a Diploma in Equine Studies and an Equine Welfare certificate from the University of Guelph. She is a regular contributor to the IAABC’s horse blog, and is currently a member of the Application Review Committee.

Her personal horsemanship interests include endurance riding, and the traditions of bridle horse development. When not riding, she enjoys CrossFit, mountain biking, and skiing with her husband, a veterinarian, in their hometown of Squamish, BC. They share their home with 4 dogs, 2 cats, 7 horses, 1 pony, chickens, and pigs.

Ingrid Johnson, CCBCRenee Premaza Fraser

Writer - Cat Division

Ingrid is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (CCBC) through The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). She is also employed at Paws Whiskers and Claws, a feline only veterinary hospital, as a veterinary technician and feline groomer. Ingrid has been working exclusively with cats since 1999 and has had the opportunity to attend many continuing education courses aroubd the country, including the first ever all feline behavior conference hosted by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). She has spoken at different humane society events on common behavior challenges, hosted group education seminars for the volunteers at Good Mews, and also hosted discussions for her colleagues through the IAABC on her most passionate topic, environmental enrichment for indoor cats.

Ingrid has been interviewed for numerous publications both in print and online including Cat Fancy magazine,, Critter Sitters, and The Atlanta Journal Constitution. The AJC also utilized Ingrid’s feline knowledge to answer an online question and answer column called “Ask the Experts” at Ingrid’s home was featured in Cat Fancy magazine’s 2008 “Home Issue” showcasing all of the feline friendly accommodations that she and her husband have made to their home. This spread illustrates all of the aesthetically pleasing ways you can provide for your cats innate basic needs while still having a home the humans can enjoy and be proud to show off. Perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities was her home, cats, and environmental enrichment expertise being featured on Animal Planet’s Cats101 show, the episode featuring the color-point short hair. You may also catch clips of her feline family in the Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats theme song and on various other programs.

Ingrid also hosts a Facebook page and Twitter accounta> dedicated exclusively to feline behavior and feline behavior advice, tips, and of course feline fun!

Ingrid can be contacted through her website.

Renee Premaza, CDBCRenee Premaza Fraser

Renee Premaza is a graduate With Distinction from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute (formerly known as Cynology College). She is the owner of her own business, The Jersey Dog Trainer and has been professionally training dogs since 2001. She is a Certified Member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) – Dog Division, as well as a Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Renee provides in-home obedience training for puppies and older dogs and works with all breeds. She also is very experienced in doing behavior modification training for dogs that are fearful, reactive and aggressive.  Renee hosted her own radio program, “Thursday in the Doghouse” for several years. The podcasts for all of her shows are available on her website 

Renee Hall, BA, CPDT_KA, CDBC

Writer - Dog Division

Renée has been operating Let's Speak Dog Studio & Sports Studio since 2007, an out growth of Renée's part-time In-Home Training Services. Classes were initially run at a local community center, moved to an interim home of 1800 sq ft and 2.5 years later into the current 5000 sq ft facility. The planned growth and successful move has been well received by the local community and allows room for full service offerings including Family Pet Classes, Dog Sports, Community and Training Education, Private Coaching and Behavior Modification Services. It is Renée's goal to offer inclusive, dog friendly, human friendly and cooperative education for the pet dog owner as well as other trainers. The first Train the Trainer Workshops Series is in progress and has been growing quickly. The goal for the workshops is to create a local hub for trainer development, networking/referral opportunities, mentoring and inexpensive continuing education. The workshops are taught by other certified area trainers in an effort to support their practices and build cooperation. Her background in dogs includes sports/fun activities, behavior modification work, and volunteer work at shelters/rescues. As a residential property and business manager, she integrated a Dog's in the Office Program which greatly enhanced the lives of on site residents. Her own dogs have done TV commercials, The Children's Reading Program, Therapy work, and participate in a variety of sports and fun activities. Renée currently lives with 3 golden retrievers Dylan, Sophie & Darby. Sophie is dog aggressive and it was Sophie's rehabilitation that introduced Renée to Behavior Modification Techniques and the joy of science based training.

Joan Hunter Mayer

Writer - Dog Division

Joan Mayer is a certified professional dog trainer and human-canine relationship coach. Joan is also the founder of Inquisitive Canine and developer of the Out of the Box Dog Training Game where her love-of-dog training approach highlights the importance of understanding canine behavior.


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