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Cat Division

Miranda Workman

Miranda WorkmanMiranda K. Workman, MS, CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, CCBC. Miranda has been President and CEO of Purrfect Paws Animal Behavior Center since its inception in July 2006 after having co-owned another business and working for others as an animal behavior and training professional. A voracious reader and tireless researcher, she strives to understand and apply the most “up to date” developments in training and behavior.

She has over 14 years experience in applied animal behavior and training. She is an experienced behavior specialist with a well-respected reputation including being listed as a WNY expert by the Buffalo News. While she works to rehabilitate many different behavior concerns of pet owners, she especially enjoys working with multi-pet households, aggression and feline behavior problems.

As the Behavior Specialist for the SPCA Serving Erie County, she has written several educational documents for adopters and presented various feline and canine behavior and education seminars for staff and volunteers. She is co-founder of their Pawsitive Journeys feline behavior foster program. She also thoroughly enjoys being a feline, canine and exotics foster parent. Over the last 14 years she has helped thousands of pets overcome medical and behavioral concerns prior to adoption. Recently she left the SPCA to accept a Shelter Consultant position with the Hornell Area Humane Society to help lead them through change focused on improved animal welfare and community engagement.

Miranda is proud to have been among a select few invited to present on feline rehabilitation and enrichment at the 2009 Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Care Expo. She served as a presenter and panel member for the Institute for the Study of Human-Animal Relations' Cats in Context symposium at Canisius College in 2013. Her feline adoption study is currently in press with the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. She has also presented her research at various venues including SUNY Brockport and Eastern Kentucky University’s Living With Animals Conference. Her TEDxBuffalo talk, Collateral Damage in the War Against Animal Homelessness, was given in October 2014 and is available on YouTube. She is an Adjunct Professor at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY teaching Animal Learning in the undergraduate Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation program. She completed her Master’s of Science degree in Anthrozoology from Canisius College in 2014. She also served from 2007-2011 on the Board of Directors of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Inc. (CCPDT); three of those years she was President of the Board and was responsible for the creation and implementation of the first non-veterinary Certified Behavior Consultant – Canine certification exam.

She and her husband Rick share their home with two dogs (Sherlock and Athena) and six cats (Adara, Aleph, Samantha, Ares, Ro-Ro and Gandalf), and a Leopard gecko (Ragnar). She co-owns a Red-Tail Boa Constrictor (Mina) with her brother. Gone, but never forgotten, are many pets from many species who were the best teachers Miranda has ever encountered. They continue to be her inspiration from across the Rainbow Bridge.

Email: catchair@iaabc.org

Dog Division

Barbara Davis, Chair

Barbara DavisBarbara Davis, CPDT-KA, CDBC, owner of BADDogsInc Family Dog Training & Behavior and the Southern California School For Dogs, is a certified dog behavior consultant. Barbara specializes in working with families to resolve behavior problems with their companion dogs; she also works extensively in rescue dog rehabilitation and integration with fosters and permanent placements. Her company also offers a wide range of individual and group training programs.

Barbara has been a contributing columnist for the APDT Chronicle of the Dog’s “On Behavior” column, which featured several of her challenging case studies. She also posts regularly on her blog “A Doggone Minute” and is preparing to publish a trainer’s workbook detailing an aversive-free hazard avoidance training program.

Barbara’s been actively involved in Golden Retriever rescue since 2001, and supports many canine rescue organizations in her region. Barbara serves on the board of directors of the ASK Foundation, which supports the Riverside County Department of Animal Services, where she also volunteers as a consulting behaviorist for the shelter. Barbara is also proud to represent Pets For Vets, an organization that matches returned and retired US veterans with shelter dogs, providing training and ongoing support to our wounded warriors and their rescued pets.

Barbara’s been with IAABC since 2005, motivated to join by her desire to contribute to an organization poised to promote standards and professionalism in the field of animal behavior consulting. Barbara has served in a number of volunteer roles, including Regional Coordinator, Exam Committee, RPC/ARC, and most enjoys her service as “booth babe” at APDT conference exhibit halls, where she enthusiastically sells the benefits of IAABC membership to prospective members.

Barbara lives in Corona, CA with her husband, Wayne, kids Chris and Kate, and the family’s three golden retrievers.

Email: dogchair@iaabc.org

Horse Division

Lauren Fraser, CHBC, Chair

Lauren FraserLauren Fraser is a Certified Horse Behavior Consultant in Squamish, BC. She provides horse behavior consultations, horse training, and horsemanship coaching, as well as educational presentations for both horse owners and professionals.

Lauren's career experience with animals has been diverse; she has worked as a small and large animal veterinary assistant, as shelter manager and executive director of a non-profit animal shelter, as an animal control officer, boarding facility owner, and certified riding instructor. She is both Horse Chair and a member of the Application Review Committee for the IAABC. Currently completing a Diploma in Equine Studies and an Equine Welfare certificate from the University of Guelph, Lauren also enjoys keeping up-to-date with current research into equine behavior, management, and training. When not working with her own horses, she can be found mountain biking, or enjoying her property with her husband, their four dogs, two cats, seven horses, and one pony. For more information, www.goodhorsemanship.ca

Email: horsechair@iaabc.org

Parrot Division

Stephanie Edlund, CPBC, Chair

Stephanie Edlund, CPBCStephanie Edlund, CPBC has spent most of her life learning about animal welfare, behavior, training and enrichment. Growing up in Sweden, she has been surrounded by all kinds of animals her whole life, and has always been facinated by birds especially. Since getting her first ones: two little rehomed Parakeets named Blue and Sixten when she was eight years old, she hasn't lived a day without birds in her life. Today she has two African Greys of her own and also works full time with a wide range of birds.

After getting her zookeeping degree she studied Biology at the University of Stockholm, as well as spent all the time and resources she could find to take workshops and classes on ABA, animal training and welfare related subjects both in Sweden and internationally. The last 4 years she has been working as a zookeeper as well as made a few stand-ins as a teacher in the zookeeping schools in the country, teaching classes like Animal learning and training, and more. Today she runs her own small business in Sweden where she offers presentations and workshops for bird clubs, veterinarians, pet shops and zoos. She also offers behavior consultations and private training lessons, predominantly with parrots but sometimes with other animals as well. She is also the head trainer for Korpdalen, an educational zoo facility in Björkvik, Sweden, where she works with freeflighted parrots as well as other birds.

Email: parrotchair@iaabc.org

Shelter Division

Trish McMillan Loehr and Katenna Jones, ScM, ACAAB, CCBC, CDBC, CPDT-KA, Co-Chair

Trish McMillan LoehrTrish McMillan Loehr is a certified professional dog trainer (through CCPDT) and certified dog behavior counselor (through IAABC) who holds a Master's degree in Animal Behavior from the University of Exeter in England.  She specializes in training and behavior modification work with dogs, cats, and horses.

During her seven years with the ASPCA, Trish gained a wide variety of experience in the field of animal behavior.  For three years she was the director of the animal behavior department at the ASPCA's New York City shelter, helping staff, volunteers, and adopters work with animals and make great matches.  Trish has also helped assess and rehabilitate animals from cruelty, hoarding, and dogfighting cases, as well as pets rescued from natural disasters. In addition to writing for the ASPCA's Virtual Pet Behaviorist and other publications, she helped create and present several very popular webinars on dog and cat behavior and handling for the ASPCA Pro website.

Prior to her work with the ASPCA, Trish managed dog daycares, volunteered in animal shelters, taught obedience classes, and worked with board-and-train dogs in her home.  She has also trained and shown horses in various disciplines, and has begun incorporating clicker training in her equine work. Trish has also worked with cats with behavior problems, and enjoys helping our feline friends have more enriched lives through clicker training as well. (Yes, cats can be trained!)

Trish has also spoken nationally and internationally on animal behavior and sheltering topics. 
Trish and her husband Barry live in Weaverville, NC (near Asheville) and currently share their lives with three amazing dogs, two sweet cats, and a genius horse.

Katenna Jones, ScM, ACAAB, CCBC, CDBC, CPDT-KA, Co-Chair

Katenna JonesKatenna Jones entered her first animal shelter in 1999 as a volunteer dog walker, was hired as a kennel attendant, and became Assistant Manager within one year. Eager to learn more, Katenna attended Brown University where she earned a Masters in Experimental Psychology. Her coursework was in animal learning, behavior, and cognition while her thesis focused on communication and relationships among dogs residing in shelters. During her time at Brown University, Katenna created and directed a program in which she taught over 700 undergraduates how to train local shelter dogs in basic obedience. She examined the impact of obedience training on adoption and retention, the results of which were presented at an American Psychological Association Conference.

After graduating, Katenna worked for the Rhode Island SPCA as an Animal Behaviorist and Cruelty Investigator. She developed behavior assessments for both dogs and cats, protocols for stress reduction and enrichment for multiple species, group obedience classes and behavior consultation services for the public, volunteer training protocols, and much more. She wrote the organization's first standard operating procedures and became its first female managerial staff since 1877. She also co-created a preparation program for new parents and their pets, which is now being taught in shelters across the country and Canada.

Katenna went on to work for the American Humane Association as a Humane Educator and Animal Behaviorist in their Human Animal Bond Division. While there, she provided professional development for animal care and control professionals across the country, co-developed a bite prevention program for children, wrote the "Getting Started in Animal Sheltering" guide, developed curricula for disaster responders, and contributed animal behavior and training content to educational curricula for four years. Katenna then worked for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers for four years as the Director of Education, where she oversaw the creation and presentation of quality, current, and well-rounded educational content both online and in-person.

Currently, Katenna owns Jones Animal Behavior and provides dog and cat behavior consultation and training services to pet owners as well as professional development for animal care and control professionals. She has fostered dozens of puppies, and works regularly with rescues and shelters, both locally and across the country and is experienced with both open and limited admission shelters as well as municipal animal control agencies. She has experience as a veterinary assistant, grant writer, adoption and relinquishment counselor, cruelty investigator, volunteer coordinator, humane educator and more. Katenna is also a seasoned disaster responder, and contracts with the ASPCA as part of their behavior team during dogfighting, hoarding, puppy mill and other cruelty investigations. Katenna is an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, a Certified Cat and Dog Behavior Consultant, and a Certified Pet Dog Trainer.

Email: Shelterchair@iaabc.org

Working Animals Division

Patricia Tirrell, CPDT-KA, CRA, Chair

Patricia Tirrell, CPDT-KA, CRAPatricia is a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed), a TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals, a National Program Educator Emeritus and licensed Evaluator for Pet Partners, and in addition to her work with animals she is a certified research administrator (CRA).

Patricia's areas of interests are: dog behavior, animal assisted interventions, and working with visually impaired/blind dogs. In addition to working with dogs, Patricia has experience with cats, parrots, and mini-horses. She is active with Pet Partners where she volunteers in hospitals, prisons, and schools in and around North Carolina. Patricia serves on the Association of Professional Dog Trainers Foundation Board of Trustees as their treasurer. Patricia volunteers with local rescue organizations including Triangle Beagle Rescue where she has served as a foster home and a former board member. Patricia has over 20 years' experience at Duke University where she has extensive experience in budget management and grant administration.

Email: Workinganimalschair@iaabc.org


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