Equine Enrichment Webinar


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Presenter: Tara Gifford

Overview: An engaging presentation on equine enrichment which includes information about the benefits of proving a stimulating environment for your horse. Learn ways to increase forage time and strategies to encourage natural behaviors for all horses, including those on medical rest. Learn about the 5 categories of enrichment and view numerous examples of each. Learn how to provide enrichment for specific behavioral goals and monitor for safety.

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About the Presenter

Tara GiffordTara Gifford grew up riding horses and her love for them led her into a career in animal behavior. She has been a zoo professional since 1985, including 9 years training and supervising marine mammals. Tara currently consults with zoos and horse owners on training and behavioral issues. Tara speaks to universities, veterinarians and horse clubs about animal behavior and presents at professional training conferences. Learn more about Tara and Ohio Animal Training LLC at www.ohioanimaltraining.com.

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