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As Horse Behavior Consultants, we strive to provide people and their horses professional assistance in assessing and solving behavioral challenges and building a strong and balanced human-horse bond. We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest scientific research and incorporating that knowledge into our consulting services.

Lauren Fraser, Certified Horse Behavior Consultant

Eric Goebelbecker on May 17, 2014

Lauren and Calcite
Lauren and Calcite

Lauren Fraser is a Certified Horse Behavior Consultant with the IAABC, and is the organization’s Horse Chair and a member of the Application Review Committee. She has operated her business, Good Horsemanship, since 2006 in Squamish, BC, Canada. Lauren helps horse owners resolve behavior and training problems, teaches riding and horsemanship, and presents educational events and workshops for horse owners and equine professionals. Lauren’s career experience with animals has been diverse. She has worked as a mixed practice veterinary assistant, as shelter manager and executive director of a non-profit animal shelter, as an animal control officer, boarding facility owner, and certified riding instructor. Currently completing both a Diploma in Equine Studies and an Equine Welfare certificate from the University of Guelph, Lauren enjoys keeping up-to-date with current research into equine behavior, management, and training. Lauren has written educational pieces for a variety of publications and organizations, including: co-authored a chapter on the physiologic connection between horse and rider in a human sports medicine textbook, (Malalignment Syndrome, Elsevier, 2013); wrote media releases summarizing current scientific research findings for the 2013 International Society of Equitation Science conference; educational blog contributor and Facebook chat presenter for the IAABC; educational articles for a local horse charity, Circle F http://www.circlef.ca. She also writes regularly on horse behavior and training topics for her own blogFacebook page, and twitter.

Five personal horses keep Lauren busy, and with them she has tried her hand at an eclectic mix of disciplines and activities, such as working cow horse, classical dressage, endurance, bridleless riding, in-hand and liberty training, and garrocha. Lauren grew up riding English, but traded jodhpurs for jeans, and now rides predominantly Western. She is particularly interested in bringing modern and humane training methods to the old Vaquero traditions of bridle horse development.

For more information, visit Good Horsemanship.


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