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As Horse Behavior Consultants, we strive to provide people and their horses professional assistance in assessing and solving behavioral challenges and building a strong and balanced human-horse bond. We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest scientific research and incorporating that knowledge into our consulting services.

Lindsy Murray, CHBC, ACDBC

Lindsy Murray, CHBC, ACDBC on February 06, 2016

Lindsy Murray, CHBC, ACDBC
Lindsy Murray, CHBC, ACDBC

Lindsy Murray is an IAABC Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant and an Associate Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant in Cheshire, UK. Lindsy’s knowledge of equine behaviour, alongside her experience of working with rescued horses for over 25 years has enabled her to provide clients with a wealth of information and guidance to help them understand and resolve their horse’s problematic behaviours.

Lindsy’s work focuses on optimising the horse’s 24 hour day. She emphasises the importance of understanding the horse’s basic yet essential needs and encourages clients to have an overall holistic approach rather than concentrating on isolated behaviour problems associated with training or management. Her goal is to provide her clients with positive and gratifying ways to regain a trusting, happy and confident relationship with their horse.

Lindsy has been involved in various equine welfare organisations and is co-founder of “The Graze Trust for Horses’ in the UK. This small ‘not for profit’ organisation focuses on the rehabilitation of rescued equines and their integration into a permanent, well socialised and stable herd.

Alongside behavioural science, Lindsy’s main interest lies in integrative health and complementary therapy. Her own experience of bringing severely traumatised animals back to full health has allowed her to see first hand the impact mental and emotional stress can have on the physical body. Secondary to veterinary care, Lindsy uses herbs, oils, homeopathy and vibrational remedies to treat all her own animals.

In addition to her work as a behaviourist Lindsy is one of the few Bach Flower Registered Practitioners in the UK. She works alongside a homeopathic vet and believes that the inclusion of complementary therapies is hugely beneficial for horses and other animals.


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