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Feline Behavior Solutions: Training Foundation Behaviors for Modifying Behavior

Feline Behavior Solutions: Training Foundation Behaviors for Modifying Behavior 12.50 Cr.
Ponentes: Katenna Jones
CEU: 12.50 Cr.
Fechas: Wed Jan 1st, 2020
Correo electrónico: courses@iaabcfoundation.org
Tipo: Online / Telecourse
Competencias: Assessment
Consulting Skills
Behavioral Science
General Knowledge of Animal Behavior
Species-Specific Knowledge
Sitio web: https://m.iaabc.org/courses/
Nombre del organizador: Beth Brown
Correo electrónico del organizador: ceus@iaabcfoundation.org
Descripción: Description: Modification of problematic or unwanted cat behavior requires species-specific awareness and knowledge of certain strategies and techniques. From determining reinforcers, to timing, to reading body language, this course offers solutions to various behavior problems and will help consultants enhance the relationship between owner and pet. This course is designed for those new to or completely new to training cats or species other than dogs, but who are familiar and experienced with successful clicker training procedures. Prerequisites Understanding of and ability to effectively marker train (any species) Understanding of and ability to effectively train “target” or “touch” (any species) Basic computer abilities (email, Facebook, word processing, etc.) * Experience with cats not required Required Course Materials: Access to at least one cat throughout the duration of this course that is social and friendly, has not been previously, formally trained, and is food, touch, praise, or toy motivated Note: Multiple cats are recommended as “backup” Facebook account Ability to record audio and video of cat training sessions Clicker and target stick (see “Course Materials” document) List of products to buy or make Cat rewards (see “Course Materials” document) List of possible cat rewards Recommended Course Materials: What is My Cat Saying? Feline Communication 101 (Munera) DVD
Patrocinador: IAABC
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