“The addition of an IAABC consultant to the team makes our practice stronger and stand out. We are able to provide help with the behavioral and training needs along with our medical expertise, and therefore provide the best possible treatment to our patients and clients. Working together, we take care of the pet’s physical, emotional, social and behavioral needs. Everyone wins!” - Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian”
“Having ethical, effective training advice for our clients is an essential part of wellness planning. Our IAABC consultant is an important part of our healthcare team.” - Richard E. Palmquist, DVM
“Becoming a certified feline behavior consultant by the IAABC shows my additional education in behavior and has increased referrals to my behavior consulting practice as part of my general practice.” - Sally J. Foote, DVM CABC-IAABC
“Adding IAABC members to my team helped my practise prosper. For the small animals it meant having the most current, science based information available - for handouts, consultations, and for puppy classes. It took our preventative medicine program to the next level. For our equine patients, it meant having someone to help with the “difficult patients” – the ones that won’t stand or lead, the needle phobic, or the aggressive.” - David Lane, DVM
“I am able to serve my patients better as both a DVM Avian Veterinarian and IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant. Patients and owners need that kind of cooperative care, and I feel privileged to be able to offer both through my IAABC certification.” - Drs. Jan Hooimeijer, DVM CPBC-IAABC
“I’ve seen a dog that was extremely difficult to manage at the vet clinic become one of my favorite patients with a great IAABC partner and a dedicated owner.” - Dr. Lynne Boggs
“Having an IAABC certified trainer available to consult with and refer to has greatly increased my enjoyment and success with behavior cases.” - Sandy Wasson, DVM
“My IAABC consultant has helped a number of my clients resolve inappropriate urination problems with their cats. She is able to spend the necessary time to explain what needs to change and why. She provides the client with a detailed report and sends me a copy so we are on the same program with the patients.” - Cathy Jennings, DVM
“I have referred several clients to my IAABC consultant for help with training their pets. She has made a huge difference for these clients. I have a lot of confidence in her ability to evaluate and help these pets and their owners deal with fear and aggression issues. I consider her a part of the team I work with. Knowing she is a qualified professional, someone I trusted with my own pet, has been a benefit for me and my clients.” - Jean O. Frost, VMD

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Georgina Lees-Smith, BSc Hons, Phys, Chem, Med, Biochem, ADBC, Post Grad BNA

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So your avian veterinarian wants you to weigh your bird on a regular basis, but the little scamp won’t get on the scale and you keep ending up with chunks taken out of your hand. You asked for advice from three of your favorite bird lists but everyone has a different opinion, and let’s face it … some of those suggestions were downright scary. You’re not sure you can handle another bite like the last time.

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