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About the IAABC

The IAABC was founded in 2004 by a group of animal behavior professionals who recognized that the practice of assisting the public with companion animal behavior problems was a growing field without a formal professional body to support it.
The IAABC now supports professionals with diverse backgrounds, species interests, and specialties in the practice of animal behavior. The organization is growing and currently has over 3,500 members in seventy countries throughout the world.
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The goals of the IAABC are to standardize and support the practice of animal behavior consulting and training, to provide professional development, and to offer peer support and mentoring for its members.
IAABC credentials are the most rigorous in the field, and assess people working with multiple species both with private clients and in shelters. We offer credentialing in Spanish and English. 

What We Stand For

IAABC members work to minimize the use of aversive stimuli and maximize the effective use of reinforcers to modify animal behavior. Members agree to adhere to LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) behavior change principles and the IAABC Code of Ethics upon joining.

We actively enforce these requirements in order to remain an organization of principled practitioners. If you believe one of our practitioners may have violated the Code of Ethics, follow the published reporting procedures to address the issue to our ethics team.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question that's not on the list? Please contact us.

    What is animal behavior consulting?

    Animal behavior consultants make it their life’s work to manage and modify problem behaviors. In the process, behavior consultants help strengthen the relationship between the animal and its caretaker.

    What is animal training?

    Animal trainers focus on developing new behaviors in their animal clients, coaching animal caretakers in how to interact with the animals in their care, and also assisting caretakers with general problem solving. An animal trainer will generally refer complex behavior problems to a behavior consultant.

    Who can join IAABC?

    Offering both individual and organizational memberships, the IAABC provides networking and professional development opportunities for members who work in the field of animal behavior training and consulting.

    Why join IAABC?

    We connect our global community through online discussion groups and member meetups, provide business development resources, and offer the opportunity to obtain internationally recognized credentials in animal training and behavior consulting.

    Members have instant access to an evolving library of webinars and lectures from within their user accounts. In addition, we offer numerous other benefits such as discounts on industry-relevant services and products, and an ever-growing library of documents, handouts, forms and protocols.

    Can I join for advice on my animal?

    The IAABC is a trade organization focused on serving the needs of active practitioners in the field of animal behavior. We also welcome "IAABC-adjacent" individuals who care about animals, are interested in animal training, and wish to be connected to the industry. We do not serve companion animal guardians directly. 

    How can I get help for my pet?

    If you need the support of a trainer or behavior consultant, we cannot provide this service and we encourage you to contact one of our credentialed members directly. They will be happy to assist you in their professional capacity and can be contacted using our Consultant Locator.

    All of our credentialed members have completed both educational and experiential requirements and have displayed excellence in a set of core competencies tested in our written examinations. We know you will be thrilled with your choice.