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Canine and Feline CPR and Advanced Life Support 3.00 Cr.
Speakers: Amy D'Andrea MEd, RVT, CVT, VTS(EVN)
CEUs: 3.00 Cr.
Dates: Mon Jan 15th, 2024
Type: Online / Remote Learning
Competencies: Knowledge
Host Name: Pet Emergency Academy
Host Email:
Description: This course is a comprehensive overview of how to manage a life-threatening emergency when it arrives in your hospital. The skills and topics covered in this class include how to communicate effectively during an emergency situation both with clients and other staff members, how to triage a patient and determine medical need, develop an emergency plan for your hospital, how to function as an ICU team during an emergency, how to recognize and manage a variety of emergency conditions including cardiac arrest, how to properly use monitoring equipment in the ICU, utilize fluid therapy, how to perform manual and ventilated CPR and more. Skills in this course include: 1. Discuss communication skills and techniques needed to effectively work as a team during an emergency 2. Emergency room supplies and equipment and what they are used for 3. How to perform triage on dogs and cats 4. Discuss primary assessment and its importance in advanced life support 5. Oxygen and fluid therapy and when it is used 6. What is cardiopulmonary arrest and how to perform CPR on dogs and cats 7. Ventilated vs manual CPR including compression-to-breath ratios 8. Post cardiopulmonary arrest care
Sponsor: Pet Emergency Academy