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Got Referrals 1.50 Cr.
Speakers: Veronica Boutelle & Gina Phairas
CEUs: 1.50 Cr.
Dates: Tue Mar 3rd, 2015
Type: Online / Telecourse
Competencies: Species-Specific Knowledge
Host Name: Deborsha Lashway
Host Email:
Description: Referral sources such as veterinary clinics, pet supply stores, shelters, and fellow dog pros (trainers, walkers, sitters, daycares, and boarding facilities) are key to a successful dog business. But in an ever-growing industry it’s increasingly difficult to forge and keep strong referral relationships. We’ll teach you ways to forge lucrative relationships that help to grow your client base. who is this seminar for? Any dog pro who would benefit from client referrals. in this seminar you will: • get tips for making first contacts (without the usual discomfort of cold calls or walk-ins) • learn strategies for setting up exclusive relationships • build your confidence and comfort with approaching potential referral sources • look at a number of innovative marketing strategies aimed at referral sources • learn how to keep the relationships you have—and make them work better
Sponsor: dog*tec