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Education Program

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Always Learning

Our education program supports credentialed members by searching for educational opportunities that meet IAABC standards, recruiting educators to submit their events and offerings, and managing an ever-changing listing of CEU events.
Our goal is to ensure that Credentialed members have access to relevant education that continues to elevate their career and their personal and professional growth.

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Credentialed Members

Individuals who hold IAABC credentials are required to submit proof of 36 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every 3 years in order for the credential to be renewed.
CEUs can come from attending or teaching seminars, workshops, online courses, mentorships and conferences that have been approved by the Education Committee. In addition, CEUs can be obtained by publishing books and articles relevant to the field.
CEUs must be entered into the IAABC member's account in order to be credited for renewal. In some cases, CEUs may be entered automatically. The credential holder is responsible for ensuring that all of their CEUs have been properly credited before their renewal is due. 

Education Providers

The IAABC welcomes our education providers and we extend our thanks for your support of our program. Education providers develop educational opportunities, submit approval requests to the IAABC, track attendance, and provide CEU codes to the participant or to the IAABC for credit to the participant's account. 
Qualifying education must pertain to one of the IAABC Core Competencies, and must be taught by an expert in the field. The IAABC carefully reviews every application and also reserves the right to request details on content. Our goal is to promote only up-to-date, scientifically accurate educational material.

I Have a Question!

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We've included below some of the most common questions we are asked about the education program. For details on our policies involving the CEU program, please view the CEU Policy document. For any other questions or clarification, please contact us at info@iaabc.org.

    How do I apply for CEUs for an event I’m hosting?

    You can easily offer IAABC CEUs to attendees by filling out the form to Apply for CEUs for your Course or Event. You might also find it helpful to review our CEU Policy (specifically, the section on "Application and Verification of Attendance for CEU Credit"). 

    Does my event that I’m hosting qualify for CEUs through the IAABC?

    Please refer to our CEU Policy to see if your event qualifies for IAABC CEUs.

    Can I receive CEUs for my own work?

    Yes! You can apply for Self-Generated CEUs for your own publications and presentations. Please refer to our CEU Policy for more information on what qualifies for IAABC CEUs.

    My CEU code is not working. What do I do?

    First, please make sure that you are using an IAABC CEU code. Each organization uses its own codes, so the code you receive for another organization will not work in our system. Contact your event host to confirm whether this is the IAABC code. If the host confirms that this is a current IAABC code, please email education@iaabc.org with the code and event details for assistance. 

    Where can I find CEU codes for an event I attended?

    If you are looking for CEUs for an event that you attended, please contact the event host and ask if they can provide the codes to you. If the event hosts have not applied for CEUs, please ask them to do so on your behalf. IAABC CEU codes are distributed by event hosts.

    What if the event host refuses to apply for CEUs for an event that I attended?

    No need to worry! Reach out to us directly at education@IAABC.org, to let us know the host has denied your request. We will work with you to see if the event you attended qualifies for CEUs through the IAABC.

    I have codes for an event I attended. How do I apply them to my credential?

    To record your earned Continuing Education Units (CEUs), please login to your Member Dashboard at iaabc.org and click on My CEU Credits. Click the ‘Enter CEU Code’ button.

    Do I have to be credentialed to earn CEUs?

    No. Supporting members can earn, input and track CEUs. However, please be aware that if you become credentialed, CEUs you have already earned cannot be applied retroactively to your 36 CEUs due by the end of 3 years.

    I lost my CEU code. Can you look it up?

    In the case of events, codes can only be distributed by event hosts who have confirmed that you attended the event. Please contact your event host and ask them to re-send your code. We can re-send codes for self-generated CEUs only.

Member Testimonials

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  • Here I get support, information and training on current, evidence-based knowledge. A great community of international consultants offers great exchange on each relevant topic to support each other helping animals, their owners or even organizations that take care of animals of different species.

    By Sylvia Czarnecki, Certified Horse Behavior Consultant

  • I am proud and honored to be certified by, a member of, and educator for the IAABC. I consider the organization to be the industry standard for well-rounded, quality, ethical animal behavior information that is disseminated in a supportive, effective, collaborative environment. The IAABC works very hard to produce not only quantity of educational resources, but also quality.

    By Katenna Jones, Certified Dog & Cat Behavior Consultant

  • As a member, I get to network with experts in my field all over the world. This allows me to expand my knowledge in cat behavior as well as shelter behavior. As the feline behavior manager in an open intake shelter, this opportunity to learn from the best has allowed me to ensure the mental health and behavior needs are met for the cats in our care. The IAABC is the "go to" place for people all over the world to find experts in animal behavior. As a certified member my profile is available for the public to view. Since I earned my certification, I've seen my private business almost triple.

    By Lisa Stemcosky, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant

  • IAABC has been an invaluable learning tool for both myself and staff. As a shelter professional, the webinars provide relevant and up to date information to be used in multiple formats. The online convenience allows for continuing education, minus the travel.The mentorship programs are nothing short of amazing, including the pricing . This organization is always looking forward and growing.

    By Amy Schindler, Shelter Behavior Affiliate

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