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Ethics in Animal Behavior Consulting

The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants holds that ethics in animal behavior consulting is multi-faceted, involving considerations across multiple ethical areas, including (but not limited to) animal ethics, business and professional ethics, education, and applicable laws. As an international organization, IAABC recognizes that values and practices surrounding animals and animal behavior consulting are diverse and varied. IAABC supports its members in creating and promoting industry-leading ethical principles and guidance for best practices for animal behavior consulting.

Ethics is devoted to the rational justification of beliefs regarding right and wrong, and  describing and directing how humans ought to act in accordance with reasoned standards of rightness and wrongness. Ethics is not merely what actions are accepted by a particular society or its laws. Ethics expands beyond social norms to find commonalities in values, intentions, and the effects of actions. These commonalities inform our principled approach to ethics in behavior consulting.
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