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IAABC General Terms and Conditions

By continuing, I understand and agree that:

  • I am applying for membership to the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Inc. (IAABC).
  • I will follow the humane hierarchy of LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) training and behavior modification protocols.
  • I will be aware of my current skill level and seek support and supervision, and refer cases to more experienced practitioners when necessary.
  • I am aware that as a behavior consultant and trainer without specific medical training and licensing, I may not recommend specific drugs, diets or medical interventions with my clients.
  • I have not been convicted of a felony crime (or the equivalent outside of the US), or of any crime of cruelty or violence against people or animals.
  • I have read and understand the IAABC website use Terms & Conditions and IAABC Privacy Policy
  • Member Testimonials

    Here I get support, information and training on current, evidence-based knowledge. A great community of international consultants offers great exchange on each relevant topic to support each other helping animals, their owners or even organizations that take care of animals of different species.

    Sylvia Czarnecki, Certified Horse Behavior Consultant

    I am proud and honored to be certified by, a member of, and educator for the IAABC. I consider the organization to be the industry standard for well-rounded, quality, ethical animal behavior information that is disseminated in a supportive, effective, collaborative environment. The IAABC works very hard to produce not only quantity of educational resources, but also quality.

    Katenna Jones, Certified Dog & Cat Behavior Consultant

    As a member, I get to network with experts in my field all over the world. This allows me to expand my knowledge in cat behavior as well as shelter behavior. As the feline behavior manager in an open intake shelter, this opportunity to learn from the best has allowed me to ensure the mental health and behavior needs are met for the cats in our care. The IAABC is the "go to" place for people all over the world to find experts in animal behavior. As a certified member my profile is available for the public to view. Since I earned my certification, I've seen my private business almost triple.

    Lisa Stemcosky, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant

    a woman with brown hair and a grey dog touch noses

    IAABC has been an invaluable learning tool for both myself and staff. As a shelter professional, the webinars provide relevant and up to date information to be used in multiple formats. The online convenience allows for continuing education, minus the travel.The mentorship programs are nothing short of amazing, including the pricing . This organization is always looking forward and growing.

    Amy Schindler, Shelter Behavior Affiliate