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Organizational Membership

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Organizational Membership 

In order to better support businesses and other organizations in the field of animal behavior, the IAABC now offers an Organizational Membership.
Any legally formed and operating business or organization in any country may opt to purchase an Organizational Membership. This membership includes the opportunity to purchase multiple individual memberships at a lower rate, giving managers and owners the opportunity to extend IAABC benefits to their entire team. 
Due to the level of additional screening required for organizational membership approval, organizational members actively practicing in the field with full participation (every behavior team member is enrolled under the organization's umbrella) may be listed in the public Consultant Directory.

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    Organizational Membership FAQs

    Have a question that's not on the list? Please contact us.

    What are the benefits of being an Organizational Member?

    • One complimentary individual membership
    • The right to use the IAABC organizational member logo on websites, social media, and advertising materials
    • 25% discount off participant memberships for organizational staff, paid annually by the organization
    • 15% discount off participant credentialing applications
    • For organizations with industry professional memberships/clients, a 10% off one-time discount code for a new IAABC membership that can be distributed to their members/clients as a benefit
    • Exclusive networking and organizational support opportunities with IAABC staff and other organizations in the same field
    • Add another listing to the trainer/consultant locator (for credential holders who have training/consulting businesses with multiple business locations)

    Can I convert my individual membership to an organizational membership?

    Although individual memberships are tied to organizational memberships, your individual membership will remain separate from your organization's. If you are a current member and would like to add an organizational membership, your purchase will include your next year of individual membership.

    What does the application process involve?

    You will fill out information on yourself and your business and submit proof of your organization's existence and compliance with LIMA and the Joint Standards of Practice. The Membership Director will review the application and investigate any publicly available information about your business to ensure that it complies with our standards. The Membership Director will approve, deny, or request more information within 5 business days. If your application is denied, you will not be charged, and you will be given information on the reason(s) for denial and how to mitigate the circumstances.

    What happens if I want to add or remove someone at a later date?

    Changes to your membership rolls outside of your original application will result in pro-rated charges so that all memberships renew at the same time. If an individual is removed from an organizational membership, they will have the opportunity to purchase a Supporting Membership for continuity of benefits. Individual members may also request to be removed from the organization's membership rolls. Although the IAABC intends to be supportive administratively, we are not responsible for refunds if an individual leaves your organization before their paid membership expires.

    What type of proof of organization is needed?

    For-Profit Businesses must provide the following documents:
    • Articles of organization OR Government registration certificate OR Proof of EIN (U.S. only)
    • W9 (U.S. businesses)
    • Proof of business insurance
    Non-profit Organizations must provide the following documents:
    • Articles of organization OR Government registration certificate
    • W9 (U.S. nonprofits)
    • Tax exemption form (Pennsylvania nonprofits only, if applicable)

    Who can represent an organization during the application process?

    The owner, CEO, or executive director of an organization must sign off on the application. If the application is being filled out by administrative staff, a separate document signed by the owner, CEO, or executive director may be uploaded.

    Can the people in my organization pay separately?

    Not for membership. The organizational membership requires annual group renewal of dues by a single payer. If your organization is not sponsoring the memberships, your team can each sign up individually. Individuals do enroll for and pay separately for their examinations.

    How do I know if my organization qualifies?

    You are welcome to email the IAABC membership director with details about your organization in order to begin the conversation on whether organizational membership is right for you.

    Can I become credentialed as an organizational member?

    Your individual membership will remain separate from your organizational membership administratively, so you may pursue credentialing at any time. We do not currently offer organization-wide credentialing.

    Refund Policy

    Our refund policy is available HERE.
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