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Our People

We are an organization of animal behavior professionals and enthusiasts from across the globe who work together to raise the standards of animal welfare and training standards. We love animals, but our greatest strength is our people: our staff; our volunteers; our board; our chapter liaisons; our experts across a wide variety of specialties and species; our members, whether experienced and credentialed or new to animal behavior studies. All of us have made a strong commitment to providing our clients with the most ethical approach and evidence-supported expertise. We are continually learning, growing, reassessing, questioning, and connecting with one another in our pursuit of honing our knowledge and practical skills. Thank you to all our members for sharing your strengths - together we are the IAABC, and with your help we can change the world.

IAABC Board of Directors
This is an elected position. Each board of director position is elected for a two year term by the IAABC membership. Elections are held yearly every June.  For more information on our election process and Board service requirements click here


Board Committees 

These are the committees that provide governance and oversight of the organization. They are chaired by an active board member and staffed by key program managers and volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about any of these committees or joining a committee please email 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Committee: This committee focuses on promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, including accessibility within IAABC. We aim to act as allies and are seeking the right advocates to guide us.

Executive Committee:

Finance Committee: Supports the IAABC Board of Directors in its oversight responsibilities relating to fiscal management. It monitors, reviews, and evaluates the financial performance of IAABC, ensuring all internal and external financial reports accurately present the organization's financial condition.

Fundraising Committee: Supports the IAABC mission by providing networking opportunities and stakeholder engagement. This committee works to grow the IAABC Sponsor program and identify other fundraising avenues to sustain IAABC's financial stability.

Leadership Committee: Recruits and develops future IAABC leaders. It assists the Board of Directors with Board nominations and elections.

Legislation Committee: Researches, gathers data, and offers guidance on the organization's stance and actions regarding regulations and legislation beneficial to animals and professionals in the industry.

Pet Insurance Companies Committee: A newly created committee tasked with soliciting pet insurance providers to cover behavior care via certified consultants. It aims to establish partnerships to make behavior and training services more available to pet owners and create more opportunities for veterinarians to help clients with behavior and training issues.
Policies and Procedures Committee: Ensures compliance by properly storing and reviewing documentation. This committee reviews policy books to ensure they are up to date and aligned with our goals.

Standards of Practice Committee: Clarifies and articulates IAABC standards of practice to advance the industry. It aims to make these standards more visible and clear to companion animal owners and other professionals involved in animal care industries.

Strategic Planning Committee: Develops IAABC's mission and core values and creates operational procedures to achieve these goals.